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The story of NVS Sound begins with Nathan Vander Stoep.  Born into a musical family, Nathan’s whole life was live music.  His personal musical journey began on trumpet at the age of five, switching to trombone at eight.  With his father as his teacher, he achieved many honors and achievements throughout his school years.  Simultaneously, he was drawn to ballet, received intense Russian training, and accepted a position with Colorado Ballet directly out of high school.


The following 11 years of professional dance all over the world, cultivated a maturation in his relationship with music.  Daily, active collaboration with live musicians honed the ability to connect to the emotions of musicians, connect them to himself, and then release them through movement alone.  Live music and expression was such a way of life, that without connection to music, or musician, life became dull.  After retirement from the stage, a stereo system that lacked this connection was unbearable.  The search for ‘The Sound of Inspiration’ began.


Turning his artistic mind to technology, Nathan studied many facets of electrical current, designing a successful series of cables utilizing unique vibration reducing technologies.  Testing proved to result in precisely what he was looking for, more musical connection.  Quickly recognized, NVS Sound subsequently won 14 awards in Japan for cable development and performance.  NVS Sound was the first cable company ever to win a Grand Prix award from Stereo Sound magazine in Japan.  


The vision for the company was never just cables!  With the recognition from other manufacturers that NVS Sound was special, and a realization that the normal dealer experience was lacking, Nathan decided to bring his expertise to the consumer.  Carefully cultivating brands that all inspired the re-creation of music, vast experience that helps bring synergy to any system, NVS Sound has become a company that can help you achieve ‘The Sound of Inspiration’!

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