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We love that Grimm has built products that disappear in living rooms, with the primary objective of reference, master recording, studio quality.  This places their products equally in your statement sound system or your living room.  Additionally, they engineered them to operate Roon Core without any sonic detriment to make it easy to use as well.  The result is fabulous sound wherever you want it!


Originally built to be the precise digital source needed for their LS1 speakers, the MU1 also pairs beautifully with CH Precision to become the best way we’ve experienced playback of high resolution, stored music. 


The only active loudspeaker we carry, and not to be overlooked.  A low distortion, and propagation designed to be placed close to walls without loss in clarity.  Great for a living room, choose the finish, and you have a wonderful environment without the traditional audio system intrusion.  Or we can add the matching subwoofer,  place it in your reference room, and find out that music doesn’t need to be complicated to be excellent!


Grimm provides lifestyle products with Reference sound.  Come experience their incredible synergy with NVS Sound  

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