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The air crackles with excitement.  Drums pounding, violins furiously sawing away, desperate to be heard through the magnificent wall of sound provided by the brass section. The conductor makes one movement, and suddenly there is complete silence while the room still rings with inspiration. As the emotion dissipates, you open your eyes, and though startled to find yourself at home, you can still feel the atmosphere of the auditorium - alive with energy. 

d1-5-cd-sacd-player (1).jpg

In a class of their own as a family of products, but also each individual component in its category.  CH Precision is incredibly resolving, allowing each musician to have their own space and emotion, and thus is inherently musical overall.

Alumine Two details.jpg

Extremely quick and dynamic across all models, Stenheim speakers have the most textured bass we have encountered.  The soundstage defies all boundaries, but the real magic is how all this comes together to present the musician with all their heart, their soul, and their inspiration


Harmonic Resolution Systems re-defines the concept of the conventional audio stand, from an afterthought to a foundational component.  The quantity and bandwidth of noise reduction results in more powerful bass, transparent midrange, and extended treble that is full and airy.  Music simply makes more sense when equipment is resting on an HRS stand. 


 You don’t develop a heritage as rich as SME without merit.  The technological work they perform for F1 and Nasa becomes the inspiration for their turntables, and the musical results are the blackest of backgrounds and most dynamic response we’ve ever heard from vinyl!


The finest cartridges we have experienced, the SL product lines pair with CH Precision’s phono stages to produce the fastest, richest sound we’ve heard.  


Swiss-engineered, this elegant turntable is extremely compact, simple in operation, and stable in adjustability.  De Baer elicits incredible smoothness and expansive soundstage, low noise floor, and both micro and macro dynamics that drive musical expression in a way that only the best vinyl can.


Argento is a brand that should have much more acclaim.  The Organic line gives you a studio performance with gorgeous tone, and the elevated Argento models bring all that timbre setting it in large auditoriums. Argento brings a level of resolution and harmonic structure that are breathtaking in beauty and musical expression.


Kings of the grounding world, CAD Ground Control products are remarkable in the amount of noise removed from all components plugged in. The larger soundstage, warmer, more relaxed presentation, allows the musicians to separate themselves, and then the music just breathes.


As one of the largest names in the cable industry, there is a long heritage of performance. They remain at the forefront of cable development with products such as their Mythical Creature line, and the Niagara series of power conditioners.  If there is any lack of energy in your system, AudioQuest will bring it back to life!


As streaming becomes a new, primary medium, Silent Angel draws attention to the network attached components that are the gatekeepers to this realm.  Their linear power supplies, network switches, dc power cables, all bring a vibrancy and realism and allow inspiration to flow through the music!

Grimm Audio

Grimm has a legacy of high performance in the recording studio realm, and has entered the audiophile arena with a statement.  Digital source products to fit with their mastering quality speaker offerings, you can build an incredibly simple system with all the reference qualities expected from an NVS Sound offering.  


RevOPods feet are a great product for use with many components.  These isolation devices, in combination with the HRS stands, are a very synergistic coupling that offer the most finesse to each musician. ‘Incidental’ sounds around the musician become presented as intentional musical expression.


Room acoustics are no secret, but the general approach of absorbing everything is heavy handed.  Atwood remarkably absorbs the exact RIGHT amount of energy, nothing more.  There are many products on the market, but this new solution is wonderfully simple, customizable, and the best performing product we have experienced!

5DM30049 copy.jpg

The Aardvark is a new product out of Australia.  We’ve found this ethernet filter has to be profound in many applications.  They are easy to try, find out what they can do in your system!

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