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The Stenheim line is designed with the precision expected of the Swiss.  The question is not quality or performance, but how big is your room and how much bass do you need? Here are some of our favorites:

TWO-Acoustic Session.jpg
Alumine Two details 3.jpg

The SE version of the Alumine 2 brings more warmth, resolution, and space.  It is hard to beat the Alumine 2 at it’s price, but the SE version brings a larger magnitude of performance than the change in price would suggest.  An incredible monitor that will surprise with bass, layered sound staging, and a very intimate and dynamic experience with the music.

Alumine Three living room 1.jpg

Stenheim’s smallest floor stander, the A3 produces incredible sound.  Capability belying its size, bass extending to 32Hz, expression unmeasured. Paired with the CH Precision I1, it is a remarkable system that some have said outperforms $500K reference systems!

5DM30049 copy.jpg

We feel that if you are looking at the Alumine 5, the small increase in price is again worth the large return in performance. This speaker won Product of the Year from The Absolute Sound for 2022, and we wonder what took them so long!

5DM30049 copy.jpg

 We love all the Stenheim speakers, so reach out and let us guide you to your best sound!

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