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CH Precision’s remarkable products set the standard for musical performance, but even all-star teams have stand-outs. We thought we would highlight a few of the products that we and our customers have found particularly special.

CH L10 

The flagship CH preamp, more than one customer has described the L10 as “the heart and soul” of their system. It manages to reach into the most ordinary recordings, revealing and releasing the music within. With the L10, dry, lifeless discs and files become oases of musical enjoyment, it’s a magic that we don’t try to understand, simply enjoy.

CH M10

Partnering amplifier for the L10, the mighty M10 transcends conventional power ratings. Its power is measured in musical impact and expression, conjuring effortless dynamics, intimacy and emotion from performers and performances alike – even with the most awkward and demanding loudspeakers. Upgrade to a second M10 and you get even more musical connection – and even more tools to maximize system and speaker performance. No other amplifier, regardless of price, can compete with the results. Just ask Robert Harley… or Lincoln Cheng, Roy Gregory and Marc Mickelson.


The king of record replay: Input topology to optimize any cartridge, the option to select replay EQ in real time and CH DNA that delivers a noise floor to rival digital. With all the liquidity, color, presence and dynamics that only the very best vinyl can deliver, it’s no surprise that the P1 has become a universally accepted reference. Add the X1 power supply and the remarkable becomes something truly magical – and then there are the three and four-box options!

CH C1.2

The C1.2 builds on the configurable, upgradable nature of the original C1, adding a massive increase in processing power, new fixed point decoding algorithms and full MQA capability. So much for the technical stuff – what we love is the C1.2’s ability to accept any digital signal and musically match it to the unsurpassed performance of the other CH pieces. We also love that it has a built in network-replay capability so that you don’t have to buy a separate streamer to have reference level streaming performance.

d1-5-cd-sacd-player (1).jpg
CH D1.5

Problems sourcing quality transport mechanisms have led other companies to abandon optical disc replay. Not CH Precision. In typical style, their response was to take the best component available, re-engineer and rebuild it to the point where almost nothing beyond the original laser head exists, creating their own proprietary transport mechanism. The CH Precision MORSE isn’t just the best mechanism on the market, it sits at the center of the best player/transport, the new D1.5. Configurable and upgradable, future proof and multi-format capable, the D1.5 delivers performance from the latest SACD, CD and MQA disc formats to remind you (or maybe convince you) just how musical optical discs can be.

VXR-1921-3V Silver CH.png

As we said, every team has its stars – but with CH Precision, every product has star potential. Every single product sets the standard for musical performance at its price point, and because of the brand’s modular, upgradable approach to engineering, we know that the product you buy today is still going to deliver cutting edge musical results years from now. That combination of performance and longevity is unique in the industry. Contact us to learn more about what CH Precision can do for your system and your music.

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