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Computer Audio Design (CAD) fits into the NVS Sound lineup like they were designed for us.  The grounding devices are incredible on CH Precision and Stenheim as well as network devices, providing reference level neutrality and noise reduction.


 We use the GC 1 for entry into the CAD family.  Small footprint, huge sonic benefits when used on modems and routers, the resultant vibrancy and realism for streaming make this product an inspired choice!


The Ground Control 3 is the next level up from the GC1, can handle even the noisiest power lines and even more components.


We have evaluated thousands of cables, carry two brands that beat all challengers, and yet, we still find this simple cable to be extraordinary at its price.


Reference level performance that we recommend with all CH 10 series products.  Capability to address up to 10 components, it can handle the largest, most musical systems out there!


There are many unique ways that we use CAD products, with solutions for any system size. We highly recommend auditioning them, so reach out to see what solution fits you.

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