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Developing strong relationships with our customers is important. These policies serve as a structure to help us be on the same page with mutual understanding.


We recognize that audio is a journey.  In order to help our customers along their paths, we offer these terms for all items purchased through NVS Sound.  In special cases, we may consign or take trades from new customers towards a new purchase.  Reach out to see how we can help you achieve your dreams.

(A) If you purchase a product from us at full retail price, we will offer you that full retail value for one (1) year towards a product higher in the same product line.  Eg. An AQ Hurricane power cord towards an AQ Dragon power cord is acceptable, but an AQ Hurricane power cord towards a SA Forrester is improbable.  For products purchased at full retail price, we will offer you that value for one (1) year towards a product higher in the equivalent product line.  Eg. An AQ Hurricane power cord towards an AQ Dragon power cord is acceptable, but not an AQ Hurricane power cord towards a SA Forrester. 

(B) In year 2, we will offer you 70% of retail price, 

(C) In year three, 50% of retail price.  

(D) After three years, we will offer market value minus 10% for refurbishing, consignment fees, shipping, etc.  Most customers still realize better profits by trading in to us because a fully authorized dealer, able to prove authenticity of products, provides confidence to customers on the used market.

(E)We will limit the value of the trade to 50% towards the item being purchased, though we may be lenient on this depending on the circumstance.  

(F)If retail price is not paid for an item, due to quantity or package discount, actual amount paid will be credited at the same time and percentages offered in (A), (B), and (C).

(G) If conditions of (E) and (F) are met, we will void the condition in line (A) that the item must be in the same product family or line.

In-Home Demonstrations (IHD)

In-Home Demonstrations (IHD):  IHDs can become problematic quickly, due to the value, size/weight of equipment involved, and damage that may inadvertently happen tthrough no fault of the customer (lightning strikes, freak accidents).  Unfortunate situations (untimely accidents, deaths) can leave dealers in difficult circumstances as well.  However, IHDs are critical to informing the decision making process, and our best efforts to alleviate all of the above follow:

(A) When possible, NVS Sound will conduct all IHDs, and the customer will operate equipment not represented by NVS Sound. 

(B) For items valued over $10K, and extended IHDs (over 2 days), a credit card(s) will be authorized for the retail value.  This will be returned upon return of the item in good condition.  If significant damage above and beyond normal wear and tear has been introduced, a 10% re-stocking fee (or amount required to return the product to working condition) will be charged.  Should the required credit card authorization be dropped for any reason, this does not waive the re-stocking fee due to excessive damage.  If such a situation arise, all parties will work together transparently to make sure a fair outcome is achieved.

(C) Should the customer decide to purchase the demonstrated product in situation (B) within 1 month, that full fee will be applied to the purchase of the product.  After one month, the fee will be forfeited as loss of value to NVS Sound.

(D) NVS Sound will do our best to provide sufficient time to evaluate IHDs and schedule them during times that are most likely to allow for this.  Should extenuating circumstances arise that NVS Sound requires the product back early, we reserve the right to pick up said product and re-schedule for a future date.

(E) For simple demonstrations, such as cable or small component IHDs, it may be possible for the customer to pick up the product from NVS and return it according to schedule with NVS Sound.  A credit card may still be required for such transactions

(F) All equipment leaving NVS Sound’s possession will have paperwork representing the acknowledged products, MSRP, and length of audition.  Paperwork may be presented by email and not a physical paper, and thus a reply to the original email acknowledging the details will constitute consent to the terms.

(G) NVS Sound does not guarantee the availability or opportunity to perform an IHD for every product represented.  We may offer alternative products or conditions, or an accommodating customer’s home, to help inform the purchasing decision.

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