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At NVS Sound we are in pursuit of your perfect, inspired sound. Every system we build is crafted with the individual's listening goals in mind. Whether you seek a captivating sound stage, flawless realism, or simply a little audio magic, together we will build your perfect system and your perfect sound.


We are passionate about music, and we are passionate about your journey with music!  How would you like to experience the Sound of Inspiration?


NVS Sound is all about connection.  We want you to feel connected to your music, therefore we also need to learn about you and how you listen.  We seek to understand what you have, what you feel you lack, and offer suggestions and products that will bridge that gap the most quickly and efficiently.  We don’t offer money back guarantees, we offer performance guarantees! 

We don’t try to make quick sales, we make correct sales. We don’t believe that making a purchase based entirely on someone else’s experience is right.  We want you to experience what you are interested in, and then make a purchase based on that and not some extrapolation of what ‘should be’ good. 

We don’t hard sell.  If we have push you to purchase something, that means there is an issue that we haven’t resolved properly, either experientially or circumstantially.  We believe that you should be excited about your purchase!

The purchase of an incredible component and having a bad experience is too common.  We personally install equipment and make sure that the results are as expected or greater.  

Most system/component purchases tend to follow a similar path.  After an initial email, a phone consultation will take place to learn about where we are starting from.  Then an appointment will be scheduled to hear the products that would be recommended as a starting point.  During this first listening session, we will make changes to the system to gather your opinion of these changes, they are not necessarily better or worse, simply used to find out what YOUR priorities in listening are.  Sometimes it is good to then schedule an in-home consultation, in which we visit your system and make some changes to once again, get your opinion on the changes being made.  After this process, we have started to gain an understanding of both you and your system, and can begin to make very concise suggestions and plans for your audio journey.

At the end of the day, we are passionate about music, and we are passionate about your experience with music!  We can’t wait for you to experience the Sound of Inspiration!

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